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The bleak statistics speak for themselves, more and more people, particularly children, are becoming obese and are experiencing health problems associated with this condition. The rise of the gaming console and media-led paranoia have all played their part in creating a new generation of inactive children. These factors combined with a high fat diet will see the next generation suffer from ailments that were previously unheard of. However, this possible scenario can be counteracted on to some extent by regular exercise. To stimulate a child’s interest in exercise, the methods and apparatus used must be stimulating such as outdoor climbing frames, including slides and garden game sets. These outdoor activity toy equipment is a good place to start. Not only should the apparatus be stimulating but the activities as well. It is good to organise a mini Olympics or an assault race of some sort in your garden. A race of some sorts is enough to bring the competitive spirit out in anyone, especially children. Here at Adventure Zone, we specialise in bringing fun into exercise. We offer a range of units, including outdoor climbing frames and go karts, suitable for all ages.

Children's Climbing Frames

Children and, even the children at heart, love to play, especially outdoors. Children's climbing frames can initiate a child while young to be active and healthy. It provides great exercise for the cardiovascular system and offers exciting fun at the same time. Go karts, an age old favourite, have more than stood the test of time. Although designed for the younger age groups, they still prove to be a hit for the more petite of the older generation! Our range of slides offer a round of exciting and fun activities that anybody can take advantage of, no matter the age. Our best seller from this particular product range is our Action Tramp Skywalkers Gold range, which is suitable for all age groups and is especially designed for heavy users with a maximum suggested weight of 20 stones or 128 kg. These units are currently on special offer but only while stocks last, call today for details. We are conveniently located in the South East of the country in Sevenoaks, we can service the needs of customers in South East London and Kent, if you live outside of our catchment area please call us, we will endeavour to meet your requirements whenever possible. We also operate a very successful ‘try before you buy’ promo, which enables you and your family to try our slides and garden toys before you buy them. This service is just proof that we are serious in giving our customers utmost satisfaction unlike other children's climbing frames and slides supplier. In line with our objective to stay at the top of the competition, we are always open for customer feedback and suggestions. So do give us a ring or email us for any comments and we will get back to you promptly. Bookmark this page now in order to have constant access to the best children's climbing frames supplier.

Wooden Climbing Frames

With the smoking ban being vigorously enforced, more and more pubs, restaurants and hotels are expanding their outdoor areas, putting up additional garden facilities to give children and parents a worthwhile bonding time when outdoors. While parents like to unwind and relax, their children can play games in a garden centre, too. With that said, our extensive range of products are not only limited for home use but are ideal for commercial use as well. So if you want to expand your business' services, now is the time to put in extra wooden climbing frames. Simply contact us for your specifications and our dedicated trade sales team will be more than glad to accommodate you. Slides surely attracts children not only for the fun but for the excitement of spending time with playmates, too. Our selection of durable wooden climbing frames assure parents that their children get initial protection while at play. Plus, they provide attractive outdoor equipment when displayed in a restaurant's premises or placed in a garden centre. The thought of spending Sundays when your commercial facility have these unique slides and wooden climbing frames will certainly appeal to parents and children alike. This fact is especially relevant to garden centres which is a traditional family outing at weekends. However, just because our products are priced at the most affordable rates does not mean low quality. We are able to provide these goods at a wholesale price due to our unique links with the manufacturer, when you buy from us you effectively cut out the ‘middle man’ and the associated costs. Thus, Adventure Zone is rightly the supplier of cheap outdoor play sets without sacrificing high quality.

Garden Climbing Frames

The Adventure Zone seal of approval serves only to guarantee that all our products have passed the strictest manufacturing standards. Our quality control testing ensures that our extensive range of products perform as expected before leaving our premises. It is our ultimate pride to provide dependable and affordable slides, go-karts and garden climbing frames that have passed our quality control tests. If you find exactly the same product elsewhere at a cheaper price, we will try to at least match any genuine quotation, provided that the goods must be in stock and have the same delivery costs. This offer excludes any competitor products on special offer or at a seasonal discount. We are definitely giving more value for your money since our prices are offered with the combination of high quality products. The ultimate customer satisfaction is our primary aim so we hope you will also recommend us to family and friends when you experience just that. We believe that word-of-mouth advertising is still one of the best ways in promoting a product and to keep customers in coming back for more! So for that pound for pound value for your money, we integrate high quality products with equally high customer satisfaction. Hesitate no more, order now for that fantastic garden climbing frames ideal for outdoor parks and garden centres!

Climbing Frames

We are committed to giving the new generation of on-line shoppers the proper leverage amidst the Internet competition. We have been renowned to provide ample guidance for every customer so we are finding ways to be more visible and accessible in popular search engines. The time when people used to search for merchandise and services they need via the yellow pages is long gone. These days, more and more consumers are finding the convenience and flexibility of on-line shopping very practical. These products which include the search for durable and attractive climbing frames UK can be accessed in just a few press of the fingers. Add to it the rising cost of fuel, many people are definitely put off by buying products the traditional way especially when on-line shopping provides the benefit of buying at the comfort of their own home or office. Subsequently, we spend substantial time and effort in sourcing the right products for our customers so it is wise to do the same when browsing our website. Be assured that we only offer the best climbing frames UK products so that your time is not wasted. If you have any enquiries as to what would be most suitable for a certain age group, please contact us right away. Our sales staff have many years combined experience in this sector and can make some recommendations based on the information you provide. We can also provide detailed instructions of how to assemble our products safely and effectively or if you prefer we can come and assemble the unit for you. Please note that we are unable to undertake extensive groundwork prior to construction. Please contact us for details of landscape gardeners which are better suited to this preparatory work. Remember, Adventure Zone is not only dedicated in giving you reliable climbing frames UK but the company makes it a point to guide you on the proper installation.

TP Climbing Frames

TP climbing frames, go-karts and slides are some of our forte in giving your children optimum outdoor entertainment. Since no two gardens are the same, we advice you to our ‘try before you buy’ promo. We may be able to assist you if your place is located within or near Kent and South East London it really does make sense. Our attention to detail and the belief that our products can really make a difference in outdoor adventure with your young ones enable us to stay at the top of our game. That is, to be an excellent TP climbing frames supplier that offers the most affordable prices. Due to friendly customer service, our customer base just keeps getting bigger and bigger – a fact that make us distinctive from other outdoor play equipment suppliers. In order to continuously provide you with these superb services, please do not hesitate to send us inquiries. All our products are manufactured and tested to the EU safety standards EN71 for domestic products and EN1176 and EN1177 for commercial installations so you are rest assured that safety and quality are at the forefront of our customer ethos. Thus, waste your time no more, try our TP climbing frames now to give your children that unique yet functional outdoor playing experience.


"In order to keep our site and product range fresh we constantly review the manufacturers we deal with. Our aim is to supply goods from established companies who offer a range of quality products to match the needs of everyone".

We believe we have the best selection of garden toys available and on display within the south east, and we are confident that the back up service available from all our suppliers is completely reliable.

TP Activity Toys - we are a Centre of Excellence -the market leaders remain a major part of our business and our display reflects this. TP offer a unique selection of modular metal and wooden climbing frames and swing sets with a generous selection of additional garden play items. Most of the TP range is held in stock all year round.

Our display features a swing, all the slides, sandpits, houses and several of the trampolines. We have a good selection of TP items on display.

Action/Garden Games - we are rated as an Action 5 star stockist - suppliers of really good value modular timber frames and garden games. We have on display the Gate Lodge with Assault Course & Staircase and an Arundel linked to a Monmouth. Also the folding sandpit and a seesaw 

Berg  - great range of trampolines and very strong karts - we have the 11' Champion trampoline on display

Home Front wooden frames are marketed in the UK by a company who build each unit to order. The range is comprehensive and is available for either domestic or commercial use with a 25 year guarantee as standard.

We have an example of the Mountain Adventurer on display. Unfortunately space does not allow us to do justice to the opportunities these products offer.

Jungle Gym offer an excellent range of frames and add ons at very competitive prices.

We have on display the Villa and Climb Moduule and the Cabin with Swing Module

Plum Products have a wide range of garden toy extending from swings to goals and trampolines.

Because there are so many items in their catalogue we struggle to feature everything so select a broad range of lines. We hold stocks of many lines here.

We offer a few products designed to provide a safe play area, and whilst most people opt for woodchip, we also sell Grass Grow Mats (1.m x 1m) or individual mats 60 cm x 60cm for placement at the bottom of slides or under swings. For full details on play surfaces, go to the Leisure section.